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    Fit Stop N Go is an awesome 24/7 gym based in Airport Oaks. Our gym has the best and up to date equipment, with affordable prices and friendly staff ready to help you with your different fitness needs.

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    Shop through a wide range of products to wear in and out of the gym. GASP products are always made with No compromises and treated by hand, to give it a unique and individual look. 

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    Our vision is to create products for serious athletes in the gym and fitness environment, athletes who understand that a healthy athletic body has gone through many hours of blood, sweat and tears! Athletes who know and appreciate the feeling of pain that you have to overcome in order to get results! Athletes who are proud to live the Better Bodies lifestyle!

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    Please allow up to 2-5 days (excluding public holidays and weekends) for shipping in New Zealand. Worldwide orders may take up to 6 weeks. 

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    Feel free to contact us on the contact page or call us at +6 49 275 5444

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    We accept most major credit card issuers and we also accept PayPal. Bank transferring/online banking in New Zealand will be available soon.